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The Nouraie Group


Criminal and penal law



Representation in court


Assistance during police searches and seizures


Preparation of complaints and testimonies



  • Supreme Court of Canada

  • Court of Appeal of Quebec

  • Superior Court

  • Court of Quebec and provincial courts

  • Municipal Court

  • Administrative Tribunal of Quebec (SAAQ)


Lida Sara Nouraie
Nicholas St-Jacques

Creative. Devoted. Fearless.

Fields of practice


Criminal and penal law (trial and appeal)


White-collar crimes (competition law, fraud, theft, corruption, securities laws, breach of trust, tax evasion, etc.)

Sexual offences

Drug offences (possession, trafficking, importation)


Domestic violence


Offences against the person (assaults, threats, harassment, homicide, etc. )

Impaired driving


Firearms and other weapons

Highway Safety Act (demerit points, speeding, arrest, hit and run, 

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